We're Building a Community

Chefs for CHEFS started in 2021 with a focus on building community and doing good in the world. Food has always connected us with others around the globe; in today's digital and virtual world, we can connect now more than ever! Adults and kids are learning to cook more at home, experimenting more in the kitchen, and even learning to grow fresh food!

CHEFS stands for Charities Helping Everyone For Seva, a Sanskrit word for Selfless Service. 

If there’s one thing we've learned lately, it’s that we're all wanting to share and help others. Cooking from your heart & soul makes everything taste better!

Here's My Story:

Hi! I'm Sylvia Ng, the founder of Chefs for CHEFS.

I have a confession to make: I never learned how to cook anything growing up! Even though I didn't grow up with those "cooking in the kitchen with grandma" moments, I do have a few cherished memories of being in the kitchen with mom: wrapping dumplings, making rice krispies treats in a wok, and baking cookies. But let's face it, I learned nothing in the kitchen!

As an adult, my desperate lack of cooking skills eventually led me to drop everything and go to culinary school. I wanted to learn something practical, take on a challenge, and finally learn how to feed myself .. and others! Working in restaurants around the world helped build my confidence in the kitchen.

I went on to study Nutrition & Food Science to help others eat healthier while working for non-profit hunger relief organizations and schools. I'm now a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and a Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert & Instructor advocating for food & sustainability initiatives. I volunteer on nutrition, food waste, and garden committees for a regional food bank, and try to grow food in my own garden .. now that I actually have one!

I love cooking and sharing food because it brings people together in community!

*Click on the Academy of Culinary Nutrition to the right to learn more about the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program and join me in helping others learn how to cook and live healthy for themselves and their loved ones. 

Chef Sylvia

How We Help


Chefs work hard and play hard! My talented and creative chef friends .. who have become some of my closest friends .. love sharing their culinary knowledge and skills. These past few years have been tough in the restaurant + hospitality industries, so Chefs for CHEFS provides a small stipend for being a guest chef to teach you how to cook while cooking for a cause and giving them the shout outs they deserve.


Through Chefs for CHEFS cooking classes, our chefs highlight a charity or organization that they're passionate about to raise awareness and money for their cause. From hunger to homelessness, from the environment to animal welfare, from anything to everything else out there, you’ll not only want to learn more about the amazing things people are doing in the world, but you’ll want to jump in and donate or help in any way you can too!


Yup, that’s you! Consuming the content and of course the food you learn to cook! Our chefs teach you all the fun tips and tricks they use to cook in their professional kitchens as well as in their own home kitchens. The recipes will be simple but flavorful, the techniques easy to follow, and the tools of the trade broken down for you to make cooking easy and enjoyable in the kitchen.


Anyone who has a TV or computer can just turn on a cooking channel or look up a recipe. But how can you connect with a chef you trust to answer all your questions, or walk you through something you were unsure about in the kitchen? Well, Chefs for CHEFS provides a supportive and encouraging community of home cooks, foodies and other chefs. That's how we became chefs in the first place. We all learn from and help each other on our culinary journeys. 

How to Connect

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